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"Getting ____________ to practice is a constant battle." or "I really wish ___________ would practice more."

Of course we understand that skills are improved by practicing the skill and that's what needs to happen between lessons. BUT we also need to remember that students, regardless of their age, are human and I, being a human myself, have observed these things:

  • We humans don't like to be TOLD what to do!
  • Sometimes I don't want to practice either! :-)
  • We humans DO like to please other humans who we care about.
  • When the people I care about ENCOURAGE me, I want to please them more.

I ran across an article recently that will help me and, hopefully, help you to encourage in a loving, sincere, and supportive way. Please read it here:

But I Don't Have TIME!

I often hear students tell me that they didn't practice because they didn't have time. Are you sure? This might help you design your day so you find the time.

A Testimonial from a former "Practice Rebel"

"I used to fight with my mom, regarding piano practice. I wanted to spend more time honing my athletic skills. She was forever preaching, "Get in there & practice, Sister! You'll be entertaining your friends in the nursing home when you're won't still be playing basketball." Um, Mom? Basketball was done by age 17....but, I'm over half-way to 90 & just pounded out some de-stressing praise on the old Kimball for the past hour. Thanks for being so mean."--KyAnne Weaver

Taking Care of our Bodies

Good posture affects not only our general health, but it makes a HUGE difference in our ability to play the piano well. Here's an interesting read on the effects of sitting!

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