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I'm excited to be your guide as you embark on the journey toward learning to play the piano,. At your first lesson, we will visit a little more about what your goals are for studying piano and I will evaluate what you already know and where we need to start. 

If you are a beginning piano student, I will likely have the materials you will need at your first lesson. If you have studied sometime in the past, please bring something to play for me so I can see where you are and where we need to start. We may or may not continue to use the books you already have. That's part of the evaluation process.

It will save some time at your first lesson if you will fill out one of the following forms and bring it with you when you come.

For students younger than 18, or whose parents are responsible for scheduling and paying for lessons, please use this form:

All students over 18 and parents of younger students are required to complete and return the following form at the time of enrollment:

Thank you! I can't wait for your first lesson!!

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