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A recent article in Vox magazine.

" I am blessed to have been able to be one of your students ..... I cannot be too far from my piano - its my "go to" friend when I need a breather!! Thank you!!!"--Patti Dickerson Taylor

"I talk about you quite often when one of my students asks me how old I was when I started taking piano lessons. It's hard to imagine my life without piano, and I'm really glad you gave me lessons!!!!!!!"--Regina Grannemann Kellogg (started lessons at almost age 4)

" When I was young, I started taking piano lessons in China; however, political changes in my native country made it impossible for me to continue. Now I am retired and live in the USA so I am able to pursue my long-held ambition to study piano. I was lucky to find Becky Buckler’s website on the internet and became her student. I found Becky to be an experienced teacher who knows when I am ready to advance to the next step or when I need to continue with the current lesson for a little longer. She has been patiently explaining the Western music theory to someone from a different culture. She has been particularly helpful in teaching me how to count the various rhythms like 4/4, 2/2, 6/8, and syncopation. In every class, I have felt that her lessons are geared to my personal musical needs. Every lesson has been interesting and enjoyable. So far, I have studied piano with Becky Buckler for almost one year. I am very satisfied with my progress and looking forward to future improvements. I believe Becky Buckler is a very good piano teacher. Hopefully, if you take lessons from Becky Buckler it will enrich your life as it has mine."--Joanna Zhou

"Thank you for many years of your patience in teaching (my sons) piano lessons. It helped them tremendously with focus, body/hand coordination, discipline, and a sense of accomplishment. We have continued to recommend you to all our friends, hoping they will contact you."--Parent of two Special Needs children (name withheld)

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